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I’ll admit: I’m competitive. Most of my peers at Mines were as well. That’s why I knew I had to recreate something that I saw from a rival institution.

During our family vacation over the Fourth of July holiday in 2013, I saw someone wearing a nifty t-shirt that used equations to represent each of the three letters in the acronym of a peer university (whose name I am probably not perMITted to mention.)

I thought to myself “Hey, Mines students are smart. We must have a cool shirt like that!” So, later that day my Dad and I decided we were up for the challenge. Sitting in a diner we devised a mathematical equation for each letter of “M-I-N-E-S.”

The “E” and the “S” were the most difficult, but not insurmountable. We wanted to use a different equation for “E” than just rearranging the one we used for “M.” The “S” was a real challenge too; but after some thought, we figured out how to represent each letter.


The Chadwick Family: David, Dad, Mom, Nathan & Jacob

Our family proudly sports matching t-shirts, displaying our M-I-N-E-S connection. Alumni and students on campus instantly recognize the formulas, given their complete immersion in this type of thought.

But, we love seeing the facial expressions of non-Mines people who envy our shirts. Or, perhaps they are actually perplexed faces…

Jacob Chadwick
Class of 2014, B.S. Chemical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

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